How to upgrade phpMyAdmin in Plesk 9.x 1

Parallels has a patched version of phpMyAdmin-2.11.?9.5-all-languages and script to migrate settings from phpMyAdmin- installed with Plesk. To install phpMyAdmin 2.11.?9.5 you need to: 1. Download the archive and unpack it. ~# wget ~# unzip 2. Extract patched phpMyAdmin: ~# cd phpMyAdmin ~# tar -xzf phpMyAdmin- 3. Migrate settings from installed phpMyAdmin to ...

phpmyadmin export gives 0kb file

When you use phpmyadmin provided by plesk and you try to export a large database you may encounter the problem that it will always give you to download a file 0 kb. This happens when the database is big and you need to increase some options in php.ini to make it work.

phpBB 1016 Can’t open file: Error

If you face the error: 1016 Can’t open file: ‘phpbb_sessions.MYI’. (errno: 145) then you will have to