Joomla 1.6 & Plesk 9.5.x Output Buffering

when you try to install Joomla 1.6 on a Plesk 9.5.x you will get the error in the preisntall check that Output Buffering was On and it’s recommended that it should be Off to do that:

mod_fcgid: too much php process(current:8, max:8), skip the spawn request

if your websites are not loading and you encounter the above error in the error_log mod_fcgid: too much (file path/name) php process(current:8, max:8), skip the spawn request you can enable Piped Logs in the Plesk server to allow more open files , in 2 steps:

Magento Template error Call to a member function toHtml()

when facing the above error: Magento Template error: Fatal error: Call to a member function toHtml() on a non-object in \app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Layout.php on line 529 the solution that did work for me as described here:

How to enable PHP SOAP extension on CentOS 5

one user needes SOAP  that wasn’t installed in php so as described here: you must run: yum --enablerepo=c5-testing update php\*

Emulate Register Globals in php

let’s say you’re using php below 5.3 in which register_globals are automaticaly turned off for security reasons and one customer/website requires them for some older scripts they have. You can emulate them so you don’t have to touch php options:

PHP on domain running via CGI/FastCGI and sessions problem 1

In CGI or FastCGI modes PHP runs with permissions of the domains FTP user. FTP user is not allowed to write in the sessions directory. This means that customer who run php in cgi can not use sessions.