DirectAdmin installation on openVZ vps

In order to install DirectAdmin hosting panel without facing problems follow the numbered steps: First install compilers etc: 1.yum install gcc 2.yum install gcc-c++ 3.yum install flex if not you will get the errors: *** gcc is required for compiling, please install gcc (yum install gcc)*** *** g++ is required for compiling, please install g++ ...

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PHP on domain running via CGI/FastCGI and sessions problem 1

In CGI or FastCGI modes PHP runs with permissions of the domains FTP user. FTP user is not allowed to write in the sessions directory. This means that customer who run php in cgi can not use sessions.

How to upgrade phpMyAdmin in Plesk 9.x 1

Parallels has a patched version of phpMyAdmin-2.11.?9.5-all-languages and script to migrate settings from phpMyAdmin- installed with Plesk. To install phpMyAdmin 2.11.?9.5 you need to: 1. Download the archive and unpack it. ~# wget ~# unzip 2. Extract patched phpMyAdmin: ~# cd phpMyAdmin ~# tar -xzf phpMyAdmin- 3. Migrate settings from installed phpMyAdmin to ...

How to use nginx with Plesk 2

Wondering through the forum of parallels I stumbled uppon a very interesting article, its is a about a way to change Apache web server port to use a lightweight high-performance web server, such as nginx, as a front-end web server, and move Apache web server to back-end.

Hosting companies united to aid Haiti. One industry. One goal.

Hosting for Haiti January 20, 2010 by Kevin Hazard, Web Hosting Evangelist in The Planet On January 12, Haiti was rocked by a series of devastating earthquakes. In the past week, people from around the world have come together to provide supplies and support to the Haitian people and their ravaged nation. More than $24 ...