Exporting and Importing SSL Certificate in Windows IIS Server

Exporting/Backing up your Certificate/Private Key in IIS (.pfx file format)

Unix: Find strings inside files and folders

The easyiest way is this: find {path} -type f -exec grep -l {string_to_search} {} \; in which you only replace {path} with the path you want to search , and {string_to_search} with the string you are looking for inside the files.

301 Page Redirects using PHP and .htaccess

During the life of a website, its quite common for pages to move around or to ‘re-structure’ your site’s files and folders. However, you can come across issues when people linking to your page go to their ‘stale’ bookmark of your site, and find that page is missing – in fact, they’ll get a ‘404 ...

Block LIBWWW-PERL and web addresses to protect your site from botnets

Not only do I block all accesses from libwww-perl, I also log what they were looking for which turns up an amazing amount of botnet hits on a daily basis just randomly hitting websites trying to find a way inside.

Windows: Using Group Policies to Restrict Programs (Protect from Viruses and Worms)

You can use a group policy to protect your server from known viruses that require an executable to run. For example, Sobig.F and Blaster are two fine examples.

Optimize and Tweak High-Traffic Servers (apache)

Focus: Linux, Apache 1.3+, [PHP], [MySQL] Notes: Use at your own risk. Summary If you are reaching the limits of your server running Apache serving a lot of dynamic content, you can either spend thousands on new equipment or reduce bloat to increase your server capacity by anywhere from 2 to 10 times. This article ...