ERROR: Can’t create temporary directory /var/clamav/clamav

the good old clamav gave me the above error on daemon starting: [root@~]# service clamd start Starting Clam AntiVirus Daemon: LibClamAV Warning: ************************************************** LibClamAV Warning: *** The virus database is older than 7 days! *** LibClamAV Warning: *** Please update it as soon as possible. *** LibClamAV Warning: ************************************************** [ OK ] not updated ? ...

Magento Template error Call to a member function toHtml()

when facing the above error: Magento Template error: Fatal error: Call to a member function toHtml() on a non-object in \app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Layout.php on line 529 the solution that did work for me as described here:

Plesk Billing 6.x Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in..

After a totally fresh installation of Plesk Billing , as you login as a simple client you may notice an PHP Fatal error (the webpage will be blank but the errors will be visible in the log files)

Plesk 9.x – SSL Error , certificate is for localhost.localdomain

When you install a certificate in a Plesk 9.x version you and try to check if ti works in the browser you might get a strange problem , the appearing SSL in the browser would be issued for localhost.localdomain (the default certificate that comes with the OS for example CentOS).

Plesk (windows) backup gives the error: Failed to connect to database: User ‘admin’ has exceeded the ‘max_user_connections’ resource (current value: 10)

when you try to backup the databases of the websites from Plesk Backup util and you get failure and the message “Failed to connect to database: User ‘admin’ has exceeded the ‘max_user_connections’ resource (current value: 10)” you have to change the mysql options

Zend Optimizer error : Failed loading /usr/local/Zend/lib/

After Zend Optimizer installation you get the following error: Failed loading /usr/local/Zend/lib/ /usr/local/Zend/lib/ failed to map segment from shared object: Permission denied this is because of