How do I setup all subdomains *.domain.tld to point to a domain domain.tld? | wildcard dns in plesk

For that purpose you should add an entry into domain’s zone DNS  like:

Linux Plesk how to add www to a subdomain

To create www prefix for subdomains you need to take the following steps: 1) Create vhost.conf file in the /home/httpd/vhosts/ directory with the following content: ServerAlias 2) Add appropriate A record to the DNS zone of the domain in Server->Domains->>DNS (specify this domain’s IP address instead of          A 3) Run wersrvmng ...

How to check if some one is spamming from my server (Linux Plesk 8.x)

If you see a lot of smtp connections or your server gets constantly in spam black lists, maybe you should check if some bot spams through your server. The are 2 cases of spamming through a box: 1)using unsecure php forms that bots abuse 2)using smtp connection from an outside client this artice is about ...

How to kill multiple tasks/scirpts

I guess most of you did face situtation where you type top and see a lots of unknown or mysterious scripts/utils running that take over top screen and your machine resources. most of the times these scripts (like the irc bots that I encountered) run via perl and disguise them selfs using names like : ...

How to manage open_basedir option in Linux Plesk Servers

They way to do such change in plesk 7,5 and in 8,x is different so follow the instructions below:

How to send an email via telnet

Run the command telnet [host] port for example: -telnet mail.domain.tld 25 Right after the connection is established