Plesk Billing 6.x Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in..

After a totally fresh installation of Plesk Billing , as you login as a simple client you may notice an PHP Fatal error (the webpage will be blank but the errors will be visible in the log files)

Show Full Path in Shell (bash)

Lets say you have to navigate to a long directory like /var/www/vhosts/mydomain.tld/httpdocs/myfolder/ etc even if you give the command “cd /var/www/vhosts/mydomain.tld/httpdocs/myfolder/” at your shell window you will see only your username and the last folder , something like “root /myfolder#” in order you view the full path without having to use the pwd command every ...

How do I setup all subdomains *.domain.tld to point to a domain domain.tld? | wildcard dns in plesk

For that purpose you should add an entry into domain’s zone DNSĀ  like:

BBCLONE installation in Plesk (linux) – HOW TO

After you install BBCLONE from Plesk’s applications , its not working at all, you can navigate to its page but it doesnt count anything. In order to make it start counting you have to do the following:

xinetd[#]: Deactivating service smtp due to excessive incoming connections. Restarting in 30 seconds.

This happened to a Plesk 8.x Linux (RH) server, the problem was that smtp service was up and running, and the queue was very light , but smtp wouldn’t accept any connections at port 25 even from localhost. In the /var/log/messages I saw this disturbing message: xinetd[#]: Deactivating service smtp due to excessive incoming connections. ...

How to manage open_basedir option in Linux Plesk Servers

They way to do such change in plesk 7,5 and in 8,x is different so follow the instructions below: