Linux Plesk how to add www to a subdomain

To create www prefix for subdomains you need to take the following steps: 1) Create vhost.conf file in the /home/httpd/vhosts/ directory with the following content: ServerAlias 2) Add appropriate A record to the DNS zone of the domain in Server->Domains->>DNS (specify this domain’s IP address instead of          A 3) Run wersrvmng ...

BBCLONE installation in Plesk (linux) – HOW TO

After you install BBCLONE from Plesk’s applications , its not working at all, you can navigate to its page but it doesnt count anything. In order to make it start counting you have to do the following:

How to kill multiple tasks/scirpts

I guess most of you did face situtation where you type top and see a lots of unknown or mysterious scripts/utils running that take over top screen and your machine resources. most of the times these scripts (like the irc bots that I encountered) run via perl and disguise them selfs using names like : ...

How to manage open_basedir option in Linux Plesk Servers

They way to do such change in plesk 7,5 and in 8,x is different so follow the instructions below:

Grub Error 22

Lets say you have installed 2 OS in your pc Windows & Linux in separate partitions and you use GRUB as a boot loader, then if you some day decide to remove the linux partition (as I did) you will face an error uppon reboot , that will be GRUB Error 22, thats because grub ...

linux – automatic ftp

You automate ftp with the unix shell, all you need is a .netrc file which will contain the info for each server you want to connect to.