mod_fcgid: too much php process(current:8, max:8), skip the spawn request

if your websites are not loading and you encounter the above error in the error_log mod_fcgid: too much (file path/name) php process(current:8, max:8), skip the spawn request you can enable Piped Logs in the Plesk server to allow more open files , in 2 steps:

301 Page Redirects using PHP and .htaccess

During the life of a website, its quite common for pages to move around or to ‘re-structure’ your site’s files and folders. However, you can come across issues when people linking to your page go to their ‘stale’ bookmark of your site, and find that page is missing – in fact, they’ll get a ‘404 ...

Email Header Injection in PHP

It has become apparent that spammers are getting even smarter than we take them for. Rather than abuse open relays, which are almost non-existent, these scum-of-the-earth ‘traders’ are now abusing contact forms.

PHP Email Contact form with Captcha

PHP Contact form with image verification.


PHP Email Class: Email form & class with image verification (antispambot protection).

PHP Error Reporting on vhosts

You can enable or disable php error reportin in any vhost just by using this: php_flag display_errors on