Joomla 1.6 & Plesk 9.5.x Output Buffering

when you try to install Joomla 1.6 on a Plesk 9.5.x you will get the error in the preisntall check that Output Buffering was On and it’s recommended that it should be Off to do that:

Unable to open any feature in IIS 7.0 Manager for a particular site

for a server with Windows 2008 x64 and Parallels Panel is installed if you can open some features via IIS 7.0 manager then the solution is:

Plesk Billing 6.x Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in..

After a totally fresh installation of Plesk Billing , as you login as a simple client you may notice an PHP Fatal error (the webpage will be blank but the errors will be visible in the log files)

Plesk (windows) backup gives the error: Failed to connect to database: User ‘admin’ has exceeded the ‘max_user_connections’ resource (current value: 10)

when you try to backup the databases of the websites from Plesk Backup util and you get failure and the message “Failed to connect to database: User ‘admin’ has exceeded the ‘max_user_connections’ resource (current value: 10)” you have to change the mysql options

How do I setup all subdomains *.domain.tld to point to a domain domain.tld? | wildcard dns in plesk

For that purpose you should add an entry into domain’s zone DNS  like:

Linux Plesk how to add www to a subdomain

To create www prefix for subdomains you need to take the following steps: 1) Create vhost.conf file in the /home/httpd/vhosts/ directory with the following content: ServerAlias 2) Add appropriate A record to the DNS zone of the domain in Server->Domains->>DNS (specify this domain’s IP address instead of          A 3) Run wersrvmng ...