Show Full Path in Shell (bash)

Lets say you have to navigate to a long directory like /var/www/vhosts/mydomain.tld/httpdocs/myfolder/ etc even if you give the command “cd /var/www/vhosts/mydomain.tld/httpdocs/myfolder/” at your shell window you will see only your username and the last folder , something like “root /myfolder#” in order you view the full path without having to use the pwd command every ...

How do I setup all subdomains *.domain.tld to point to a domain domain.tld? | wildcard dns in plesk

For that purpose you should add an entry into domain’s zone DNS  like:

Linux Plesk how to add www to a subdomain

To create www prefix for subdomains you need to take the following steps: 1) Create vhost.conf file in the /home/httpd/vhosts/ directory with the following content: ServerAlias 2) Add appropriate A record to the DNS zone of the domain in Server->Domains->>DNS (specify this domain’s IP address instead of          A 3) Run wersrvmng ...

Zend Optimizer error : Failed loading /usr/local/Zend/lib/

After Zend Optimizer installation you get the following error: Failed loading /usr/local/Zend/lib/ /usr/local/Zend/lib/ failed to map segment from shared object: Permission denied this is because of

Modernbill 4.x & Windows Plesk API problem: Access is denied. (Error code 5) at Unable to connect to pipe

If you face this error: Access is denied. (Error code 5) at Unable to connect to pipe \\.\pipe\psapipe , the solution is very easy

BBCLONE installation in Plesk (linux) – HOW TO

After you install BBCLONE from Plesk’s applications , its not working at all, you can navigate to its page but it doesnt count anything. In order to make it start counting you have to do the following: